Routines for the defence of the dissertation

1. When the Supervisor, the Director of FoSprak and the Head of the Department has approved it, th PhD student applies for a time and date for the Public Defence of the thesis. The time and place for the Public Defence are to be determined by the Director of Student Services (Studentavdelningen), e-mail address

2. The Supervisor toghether with the Director of FoSprak and the head of the Department shall suggest a Faculty Examiner, the Examining Committee and the Chair of the Examination proceedings and the Supervisor contacts them.
3. The Director of FoSprak sends the suggestion to the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities. The suggestion shall be available at the faculty at latest six weeks before the suggested date for the defence (see the Regulations for Public Defence of doctoral dissertations in the Faculty of Humanities).
4. The PhD student provides the Head of the Department with the basic cost data for the defence and a budget is made, including the costs under 5 below. After this a budget contract is signed by the Head of the department and the PhD student. The contract should include following points: 
  • That a tender for the production of the thesis shall be controlled and approved by the Head of the Department or the Departmental Board before the procedure of printing the thesis is initiated.
  • A specification of the costs (printing, proof reading, translation, illustrations etc) that the department shall cover
  • That an increase of the costs depending on the acting of the PhD student shall be covered by the PhD student
  •  The number of copies of the dissertation 
5. The Faculty grant, 40000 SEK, shall cover costs for printing and proofreading, room for the defence, the travels, accommodation and remuneration (7000 SEK + LKP) for the Faculty Examiner and the travels and accommodation for the Examining Committee.
The Department is granted the money as soon as the Faculty has received the protocol from the Examining Committee and a confirmation from SUB about delivered copies of the thesis.
6. The PhD student takes the responsibility for the printing of the dissertation. For more information about the routines see information on the Stockholm University webpages.
7. FoSprak is responsible for sending the dissertation to the Faculty Examiner as well as the Examination Committee so that they have it at least three weeks before the Public Defence.
8. The PhD student books the room for the Public Defence.
It is the PhD student's responsibility that the dissertation is notified in DIVA. It is also possible to publish the whole dissertation in DIVA. For more information about the notification in DIVA, see SUB.